Is It Just Me, or Is It Hot in Here?

Is It Just Me, or Is It Hot in Here?

AC Installation, Repairs & Replacements

Summer is fast approaching, and you don’t want to suffer through the soaring temperatures without a reliable AC unit. Contact B&G Heating and Cooling LLC in Cottageville, WV to provide the installation and repair services you need to keep your home comfortable. We proudly serve Charleston, WV and all of Jackson County! 

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3 reasons to upgrade your air conditioner or heater

Your current heating or cooling unit does its job just fine, but there are plenty of systems out there that can do it even better, and more efficiently. Here are a few reasons to replace your old HVAC unit in the Cottageville area:

  1. To save money on heating and cooling with a more efficient unit
  2. To heat or cool your home more effectively with a properly sized system
  3. To improve your indoor air quality

Consult with B&G Heating and Cooling about your heating and cooling needs today.